Notable Trees

Baltimore City

Photographers Russ Moss &
Marion Bedingfield
Established in 1985, the Notable Trees Project collects and distributes information about Baltimore's largest and most historic trees. Notable trees are defined as the largest specimens of any type of tree growing in the State, and trees with an association to historic people, places, or events. 
Measurement. When comparing big trees, the Notable Trees Committee uses American Forest's (AF) tree measurement system, which produces a single number used to compare tree size.    

The AF formula, used in the National Register of Big Trees, is: Trunk circumference (inches) + height (feet) + 1/4 average crown spread (inches).

Osage Orange Maclura pomifera – Unusual . This is possibly the most unusually shaped tree in Baltimore City. The street was actually curved  to protect the tree. You can visit this tree in Druid Hill Park You can visit this tree: Druid Hill Park near Reptile House

Monkey Puzzle (Chilean Pine) Araucaria araucana Unusual This is the only known tree of its kind in Baltimore.  Extremely  unusual.  Native to Chile and Argentina You can visit this tree: 2413 Taney Road Baltimore MD  21209

Frederick Douglas TreeEnglish Elm Ulmas porcera “Frederick Douglas Tree” Historic  This tree is believed to have been planted by Frederick Douglas between 1835 to 1838.  He gave a speech at this location on October 24, 1878. You can visit this tree: Intersection of W. Hill Street and Sharp Street Baltimore, MD.

Prickly Ash Zanthroxylum piperitum Unusual You can visit this tree: Triangle opposite 3605 Alameda Baltimore, MD 21218

Al Capone tree” City Champion Weeping Japanese Cherry Prunus sub-hirtella ‘Pendula’ You can visit this tree: Union Memorial Hospital 201 E. 33rd Street East side of front lawn Baltimore, MD 21218

Castor Aralia Kaolpanax pictus State & City Champion You can visit this tree: Cylburn Arboretum 4915 Greenspring Avenue Baltimore, MD 21209
Only 2 known in Baltimore, the second is at Lake Montebello. (additional photo).

Weeping Scotch Elm Ulmus glabra Unusual This type of tree is not readily found in Baltimore City.  There are very few of any size. You can visit this tree: Patterson Park, corner of East Lombard and Patterson Park Ave. East of the mansion Baltimore, MD.

Pin Oak x Willow Oak Quercus schochiana Unusual This tree is the only one known.  It is so rare that it is not listed in most tree books.
You can visit this tree: Montibello Filtration 3900 East Hillen Road Baltimore, Maryland 21218

Swamp White Oak
Quercus bicolor Unusual & City Champion This type of tree is not readily found in Baltimore City. You can visit this tree:
Herring Run Park Sinclair Lane .and Harford Road Baltimore, MD 21206

English Elm Ulmus campestris Historic/Destroyed Planted in the early 1700’s according to plaque placed by Daughters of the American Revolution.  This tree was on the lawn of the oldest building in the United States in continuous use as a school of medicine.  This tree was destroyed in 2002.  This tree was located at the  University of Maryland at Baltimore 522 W. Lombard Street Baltimore, MD 21201

Amur Corktree Phellodenron amurense City Champion/Unusual You can visit this tree: Patterson Park opposite 2820 E. Baltimore Street Baltimore, MD 21224

American Beech Fagus grandifolia City Champion You can visit this tree: 5840 Pimlico Road Baltimore, MD 21209

Balsam Fir Abies balsamea City Champion You can visit this tree: Clifton Park Golf Course south lawn of mansion 2701 Saint Lo Dr
Baltimore, MD 21213

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